Room Captains

Download Room Captain Guidelines

1. Make an effort to begin each division on time. Divisions should not begin early, out of consideration for audience members.

2. Take attendance for each category. Alert the adjudicator if the playing order will be affected due to a student performing in another division.

3. Welcome the students and audience members and officially announce the start of the division.

4. Remind audience members that all cell phones and audible pagers must be silenced. Also give a reminder that exiting the room may only be done between performances.

5. Call each performer forward in the order of the printed program. Piano students may be invited to play a scale or other quick warm-up.

6. Check to be sure that the title of the piece matches the title listed on the entry form. If there is a discrepancy, alert the performer and give them the opportunity to produce the correct score within the time span of that category.

7. Announce each piece along with the name of the composer.

8. Be certain to return the musical score to each performer when the judge is finished with it.

9. After each division is finished, thank the students and audience members and officially announce that the category is “closed.”

10. Avoid having conversation with any performer other than when calling the roll or returning the score.

11. Keep the adjudicator supplied with sharp pencils and volunteer to refill ice water or coffee as needed. Any other conversation with the judge should be kept to a minimum unless it involves procedure or contest rules.

12. In case of any issue arising, please find an Executive Board Member as soon as possible.

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