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Available in many competitive solo categories for the “Best
Performance” regardless of age. This is a unique category in that
any student may enter. All students entering this division will forfeit their option to play
against students of their own age. Student Teachers (those still in high school/currently taking
lessons) may only enter the Open Divisions if their students are
entered in other divisions.
First Place winners in these categories will receive two trophies:
one for permanent possession, the other is a traveling trophy to
be kept for one year. It will be engraved and passed on to the
next year’s winner. They will also receive a $100 cash prize.
All participants in the Open Category are expected to be at the
Awards luncheon . If you can not attend the awards luncheon
on the Sunday of competition, you can not enter the Open
Division. In the event the participant wins their event, they will
be asked to perform their song for all those who are in

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