Q. Who can join and how do I become a member of MMA?

A. MMA is open to all private music teachers currently teaching in the state of Michigan. The membership form can be found here.

Q. What is my obligation to MMA if I become a member? 

A. We ask that you take active part in the events that are planned. If you enter students in the competition, you are expected to room captain for your scheduled time.

Q. How can I support MMA in other ways? 

A. Sheet Music Plus offers a percentage of any sales made through their website.  Also visit, select MMA as your organization, and we receive a donation for each search or purchase you make through the site. Donations are warmly accepted. (Tax deductible)

Q. What students are eligible to go to competition?

A. One whose teacher is a member of MMA.

Q. Is there an age limit on contestants?

A. Yes, students must be between the ages of 5 and 18. We do offer an Adult Hobbyist Division.

Q. Is there a dress code at competition?

A. We ask that all students dress appropriately. Please refrain from tennis shoes and jeans.

Q. Do I have to stay in the room till my whole group is finished performing? 

A. No, we understand that you may have other performances to attend, however never leave or enter a room during a performance.

Q. Are photocopies allowed for performance? 

A. No, all events (solos, duets, ensembles, etc.) must supply a separate original copy of the music for the judge. If a song is out of print, you must get permission from the publisher to copy the music.

Q. Am I allowed to use downloaded music?

A. Any downloaded music must be accompanied by a completed, signed internet music form, and the music must meet the specifications outlined on the form. Failure to provide this completed form to the judge will result in disqualification.

Q. Do I have to go to the luncheon?

A. The luncheon is highly encouraged. It is the culmination of the competition. Also, if the attendance is poor, the hotel costs increase and this increase is passed on to those attending.

Q. Do I have to attend the awards? 

A. Someone who represents the teacher, studio, or student must be present at the awards. We do not ship unclaimed trophies.

Open division participants are expected to be at the awards in the event they win and will perform their piece at the awards ceremony.

Q. Do I have to play a different song in each division and do they need to be memorized?

A. Yes, you must play a different song for each division with the exception of evaluation. All events must be memorized with these exceptions: All evaluations-except vocal divisions-All duets except vocal divisions-All ensembles except vocal divisions.

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