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February 23-25, 2024
At Radisson Plaza Hotel and Suites
100 West Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

All entries & Payments must be received by December 29, 2023 No late entries will be accpeted!!!

No Refunds 

Student must be within the ages 4-18 as of January 1st. (18 year olds must be in high school, excluding adult hobby division)

Entry forms must be filled out completely and submitted by the teacher. Once a title name is submitted, there can be no changes.

Each contestant may be in as many events as they wish. Different musical selections must be played for each entry. (Excludes evaluations which can be a repeated selection)

Teachers are asked to stay within the following time limit chart when choosing solos for their students.

Ages 4-8……….………………….2 minutes

Ages 9-12…………………………5 minutes

Ages 12-16………………………..10 minutes

Ages 17-18………………………..15 minutes

Open Divisions………………….. 15 minutes

(All times given are maximum time limits) (No minimum times)

All events (solos, duets, ensembles, etc.) must supply a separate original copy of the music for the judge. PHOTO COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.  Proof of permission from the publisher must be granted to photocopy music that is out of print before a photo copy will be accepted.  Any downloaded music must be accompanied by a completed, signed Internet Music Form. Failure to provide this form to the judge will result in disqualification.

All measures must be numbered or -5 points

All events must be memorized, (otherwise resulting in an automatic 10 point deduction)with these exceptions:

All Evaluations – (Except for Vocal Divisions)

All Duets – (Except for Vocal Divisions)

All Ensembles – (Except Vocal Divisions)

Contestants are expected to learn new songs each year, this includes solos, duets and ensembles.

Dress Code: Please no tennis shoes or jeans.

Trophies for permanent possession will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners in each solo and duet category.

All teachers are expected to take an active part in the contest weekend. Room Captains and other areas of volunteer help need your involvement.

Attendance at special activities throughout the weekend are also encouraged.

Special accommodations will be made when needed for persons with disabilities upon advanced notice.


All competitors must enter through their teacher.

All competitors must be within the ages 4-18 years of age (18 year olds must be in high school) and be currently taking lessons from a Michigan Music Association member in good standing.

All competitors must be prepared to show proof of age, and must play in the age category on his/her birthday as of January 1st of that year.

Any student who has had lessons from another teacher within 3 months prior to the competition date, must have the former teacher’s name along with the present teachers name on the entry form.

All students entering the Open Divisions are required to be present at the Awards Ceremony or will not be able to compete in this division.


Persons who are actively teaching music lessons in the state of Michigan.

Teachers must take an active part in the yearly competitions.

All teacher’s must be present at the end of the awards to collect any unclaimed trophies and their teacher packets. If the teacher is unable to attend, they must have a representative to collect these materials.

The representative must have the teacher’s badge to collect trophies and teacher packets. Absolutely no teacher packets or trophies will be distributed without a teacher’s badge or after the competition weekend.

Teacher’s membership requires a forty dollar ($40.00) annual membership fee due on December 1st of each year.

Late dues will be $50.00 except for new teachers. (Lifetime members are exempt from this fee.) (See Teacher Membership Application)

If any teacher is interested in serving on the Board of Directors or in any other capacity, they should contact the President or any other Board Member.


1st Entry – $35.00

Each additional entry – $30.00

Duets/Ensembles – $25.00

1st Open – $50.00

Each additional – $45.00

Private Adjudication Only $40.00

Mail checks to: 

Michigan Music Association


Stephanie Thompson

5178 Cogley Rd
Avoca, MI 48006

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